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MI 800 Water Proof System
Epoxy Injection Pump

MI 800 is a professional injection pump in the field of filling resin to the concrete structure. It generates high nil-air pressure. Its lightweight characteristics facilitate carrying.

Easy to handle and virtually maintenance free. 

Injection pump MI 800 has a coupling flanged to the reduction gearing to receive any commercial electronic drill. The chuck must be detachable and the key face behind it must be 17 mm.

An even working pressure and uniform delivery is ensured by using electronic drill with its chuck detached and body coupled directly to the injection pump.

MI 800 can generate a working pressure of 3,500psi only within 3 seconds. The time of injection is even three times quicker than other types. MI 800 weights only 5kgs making carrying and mobilization comfortable and easy.

Easy maintenance: MI 800 can maintained or serviced easily without requiring special training except a few rare special conditions. Stable and maintained pressure fills narrow crack efficiently and completely .

Competitive Price: On the other hand, containing only a small number of inexpensive replaceable parts of the main body of MI 800 makes both the investment and maintenance costs low.

Epoxy Injection Pump



Al Karawan Equipments and machinery Division is an estblished trader & supplier of euipments & machnieries in the UAE

  • Mortar Mixers

  • Pan Mixers

  • Pencil & Needle Vibrators

  • Pneumatic Rammers & Jack Hammer

  • Pneumatic Jack Hammers

  • Gunniting & Shotcrete Machines

  • Brick Cutting Machines

  • Diamond Saw Blades

  • Firebrick Saw Blades

  • Incinerators

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We specialize in Steam, Diesel & Electric Boilers for Industrial Applications and Hotels.

We undertake sales and maintenance of 

  • Steam boilers/Thermic fluid heaters/Hot water boilers

  • Boiler retubing, Reconditioning of steam boilers and laying of steam pipelines


The basis for satisfactory incineration is the proper analysis of the waste to be destroyed, and the selection of properly sized and type of waste incinerators to best destroy that particular combustible waste. We provide total solution for Incinerators and recycling plants. We are a referenced service provider at various plants and municipalities.

Incineration Process

An incinerator is a furnace for burning refuse; modern incinerators include pollution mitigation equipment such as flue-gas cleaning. Incineration is a waste treatment technology that involves the combustion of waste at high temperatures. Incineration and other high temperature waste treatment systems are described as "thermal treatment". In effect, incineration of waste materials converts the waste into heat (that can be used to generate electricity), sends gaseous emissions to the atmosphere, and makes residual ash.



Al Karawan Oil Field Equipments...

Reliable, skilled and quality labour supply specialised for experienced electricians, welders, fabricators, fitters, mechanics, erectors, plumber, painter, rigger, carpenter, mason helpers etc.

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