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  • Rotary Kilns

  • Blast Stoves

  • Glass Plants

  • Cement Plants

  • Heaters

  • Multi Hearth Furnaces

  • Walking Beam Furnaces

  • Boilers


Our Project Application System (PAS) comprises of highly experienced application engineers in the field of design, selection, and installation of refractory linings in various areas. These technocrats have a long standing refractory experience and are available at a short notice to advise and assist you on any and all aspects of the refractory process. Ultimately, our mission at Karawan is to provide you the best solution that will not only enhance your process with a cost saving measure greatly but also extending overall refractory life.


Our service team includes Refractory Engineers, Supervisors, Forepersons, Refractory Masons, Bricklayers, Gunning Crews, and Carpenters who have a deep knowledge in the aspects of refractory installation. This assures you total peace of mind while you achieve desired results on time.

Application Areas
  • Acid Plants

  • Calciners

  • Exhaust stacks

  • Incinerators

  • Roasters

  • Blast Furnaces

  • Carbon Bake Furnaces

  • Melting & Holding Furnaces

  • Cyclones

  • Holding Furnaces

  • Petrochemical Plants

  • Walking Hearth Furnaces

  • Ladles, troughs etc

  • Coke Ovens

  • Atmospheric columns & vessels

Industries Served
  • Iron & Steel Industries

  • Non Ferrous Industries (Aluminium, Copper etc.)

  • Cement plants

  • Glass Plants

  • Gold Refineries

  • Petrochemical Industries

  • Ship chandlers

  • Gas Processing Industries

  • Pulp Mills

  • Mineral Processing Industries

  • Incineration Industries

  • Power Plants

Refractory Installation Manual

Download the Refractory Installation Manual in PDF format by clicking on the icon on the right

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